Beehive Wrapped Longhorn Pearl Earrings

Product image 1Beehive Wrapped Longhorn Pearl Earrings
Product image 2Beehive Wrapped Longhorn Pearl Earrings

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Finally! I've been working on a dyed pearl in Longhorn colors for a year now. Pearls LOVE to be dyed. They are porous and soak in dyes well, but the colors never come out the way you expect... so there is much trial an error. Now, just in time for the Longhorn football season, I've got a way that you can not only accessorize with school colors, but to do it with pearls! These are "keshi" pearls, a term loosely defined for pears that grow in the folds of a mollusk that might also produce a round pearl. in this case, there is no nucleus so the pearls are all sorts of shapes and are often very lustrous. Yes, they are real pearls!  I've wrapped them in "beehive" style tops to add a little gold to the look.  So, grab a pair and get ready to answer "wow.. where do you get those"!


  • Freshwater dyed pearls
  • Gold plated wire and earring

** Since these pears are naturally occurring, no two pearls and no two sets of earrings will be the same. I try my best to match pearls for earring sets, but sets will vary significantly. This is the beauty of natural pearls! In the picture I've purposely inlcluded two different shaped sets to demonstrate this.

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